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drinkrecipescocktails1When it comes to party, celebration and happiness, cocktail never misses the spot – we all know the magic of a special cocktail drink, and if you’re thinking it to prepare for yourself you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to DrinkRecipesVideos.com, a place solely dedicated to different recipes for producing the finest and smoothest cocktail for your own event and togetherness. We present you with classic cocktail recipes and various drink recipes segmented on alcoholic mixed drinks like rum, whiskey and vodka, and healthy recipes including fruit and vegetables.
Classic cocktails
These classic cocktails are prepared for special events such as celebration of corporate events, town festivals, Christmas parties, marketing events, store openings, anniversary parties and similar. Our website contains video which explains the detailed method of preparing these cocktails and you can use your own sense of creativity to mix things up. You can request for new recipes by sending an e-mail and we will reply with a tutorial video of the associated mixed drink cocktail.
Classic cocktail recipes consist of rum recipes, whiskey and vodka. Firstly, for vodka recipes we have the famous Jalapeno Hop – prepared for special occasions using lemonade juice and vodka and the noticeable Punch on the Pier recipe. We introduce you with a video tutorial showing the ingredients you need and the basic process that goes with making it. Instructed by our famous bartender, you will surely get a general idea of how to make the best out of your limited resources.
Similarly, for whisky recipes we have the famous Washington Apple Shot – prepared using apple and cranberry juice along with your favorite whisky, similarly Whiskey sour, and the Pendergast and Manhattan cocktail makes into our list for a great classic cocktail recipe. The Pendergast serves to be one of the classic, and is the most famous in our list of recipes, a must to those who love preparing cocktails mixed with vodka.
For Rum recipes, the most famous in our list is Beachcomber – best for after summer evening parties, which is made by a wide variety of interesting mix in flavors. We have the classic recipes for the hurricane and Hemingway Daiquiri. We provide you the basic information and the ingredients needed to prepare it, you are the one who should experiment and come up with new stuffs like adding different varieties of fruits like banana, coconut, brandy etc. We guide you to prepare the best drink recipes for yourself. Average preparation time for a classic vodka and rum recipe is around 3 minutes for volume of one cocktail.
drinkrecipesvideosbarClassic taste comes with tequila cocktails which include the famous Tequila recipes like Mockingbird, Sangrita, Old Fashioned Tequila and the Highland Pepper. Tequila mockingbird is prepared with the help of watermelon and tequila combination mixed in careful proportions. The most famous listing of ours- mockingbird cocktail has been serving on various occasions, and has a unique taste and sense of combination unlike on other common cocktail recipes.
Our gin recipes consists Salty Dog, Luxury Gin Tonic, Gin Toddy and the famous Leap year. The most widely known gin recipe – the French 75 recipe is presented in our website as well, which is made from the combination of gin, champagne and lemon juice. A unique combination of gin recipe can be made to construct the classic recipe for your special occasions. One of the most famous and classic gin recipes includes the gin fizz. We offer you two recipes for gin fizz in our current collection of cocktails – the Ramos Gin Fizz and the Sloe Gin Fizz. The Ramos gin fizz is made of Gin, lime juice, lemon juice, egg whites, simple syrup, cream and club soda. The sloe Gin Fizz on the other hand is made of sloe gin, gin, fresh lime juice, simple syrup and soda water.
Bourbon recipes include the Manhattan cocktail, The Belmont, Dr. Woodford Bell and other exquisite cocktails. We highly recommend The Belmont made of bourbon, lemonade and pomegranate juice famous among horse racing fans. The Manhattan Cocktail is also one of our classic drinks and recommended selection – it is made with a mixture of Sweet vermouth, Bourbon whiskey and bitters – it is one of the oldest and popular cocktail in America. The Dr. Woodford bell is a refreshing drink popular in hotel bars and summer events like pool parties, and it is blended with vanilla ice cream as well.
Not only limited to alcoholic drinks, we provide you with healthy drinks prepared from vegetables and fruits as well. Our Fruits &veggie drinks section also consist of mixture of fruits, vegetables and alcohol which includes Flying Barkeeper Mario Körber from Molekular Cocktails. This section of healthy drinks also consists of alcoholic cocktails made with use of fruit and vegetables such as mango fruit and tequila popsicle made of fresh mangoes tequila and other common ingredients.
Our famous vegetable juice recipes do not contain any alcoholic ingredient, and is known to have various health benefits. Similarly, for mixture of alcohol and vegetables – molecular cocktail Grinch – which is made by the combination of melon liquor, ginger ale and honeydew melon – is a famous cocktail recipe and has been serving for occasions like Christmas Parties, anniversary parties, town festivals for about 10 years. We also include a simple recipe of mango fruit and tequila – known for its unique taste and flavor. Our fruit and veggie section is thus a mix of healthy drinks as well as easy to make at home cocktails.
So, to mix it all up our website consists of wide and diversified sections of cocktail recipes, and includes alcoholic drinks and non-alcoholic drinks as well. Our main goal is to provide you the basic information to let you prepare a diversified collection and choices among the various cocktail and drink recipes. DrinkRecipesVideos.com contains vodka recipes, gin recipes, healthy drinks combination, tequila cocktails, bourbon recipes, shooters and molecular recipes. These are segmented in different sections in order for easy browsing and access to these recipes.

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