The Danish Vodka

Several vodkas are produced in Denmark, some are high quality vodkas, such as the famous Danzka. On the Danish spirits market vodka has now supplanted whiskey. Denmark has a long history of distillation.

Vodka consumption in Denmark
Unlike its neighbors Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish and Icelandic, Danish spirits market is totally free and does not undergo state monopoly.

Vodka consumption has now supplanted the other alcohols, like most other European countries. However Denmark is the country where the consumption of alcohol among adolescents is of most concern in Europe.

The success of the vodka is in its excellent adaptation to mixology. This is why vodka cocktails were so successful in the US and Europe. It is through the mixes that new consumers (re) discover vodka.

Danish vodka brands

Danzka VodkaDanzka
The Danzka vodka is the property of modern Belvédère. With its really amazing modern design (brushed aluminum), the Danzka bottle keeps frost after leaving the freezer. 40 °.





Esbjaerg VodkaEsbjaerg
The Danish Esbjærg vodka is made from alcohol-grained wheat. Produced by Boomsa now in Netherlands. The recipe for Esbjærg first appeared in Denmark. Esbjærg Vodka was incredibly popular among Danish and Icelandic fishermen, even way back before World War II. Distiller Ole Pedersen from the fishing town of Esbjærg used ice from Greenland – brought back to Denmark by the fishermen –to dilute his vodka. This is what gave Esbjærg its uniquely smooth and pure taste. Today the same result is achieved through modern craftsmanship and the use of the best ingredients. Of course, Esbjærg Vodka is sensational drunk neat. But, thanks to its 40% proof alcohol content, Esbjærg is also perfect for mixing and in cocktails.



Fisk VodkaFisk
The Danish vodka Fisk, eucalyptus, menthol and licorice.






Fris VodkaFris
Fris is a Danish owned vodka brand Absolut Company Pernod Ricard group.