The Finnish Vodka

To buy a bottle of vodka in Finland, you will go to a Alko. These 343 stores state, created in 1932, have a monopoly on retail sales of alcohol grading over 4.7 degrees.

Buy vodka in Finland
You should know that 90% of alcohol in Finland is consumed by 10% of drinkers.
Finland is known as the country of the European Union with the most severe regime on alcohol taxation. Taxes are calculated according to the percentage of alcohol, not the market value of the product.

The distribution of vodka in Finland is regulated by Alko Oy has the retail sales monopoly. Created in 1932, Alko originally produced the majority of spirits sold in Finland and had the monopoly on imports, exports and distribution of alcoholic beverages.

When Finland joined the European Union in 1995, Alko has lost its import monopoly and has retained only the retail sales monopoly drinks over 4.7 degrees. Alko represents about 65% of market sales of wines and spirits in Finland.

Vodka market in Finland
The proximity of Russia has influenced the adoption of spirits in the Finnish local culture. In Finland, vodka is produced from 6 different varieties of barley and is more sweet and fragrant than its Russian and Polish counterparts.

Vodkas manufactured in Finland are higher and therefore more expensive quality than those which are imported, or in the case of Finlandia vodka, exported. The best Finnish vodka are undoubtedly Finlandia Vodka, and Koskenkorva vodka.

In Estonia, alcohol is sometimes up to 70% cheaper than in Finland. On weekends, Finns invade the port of Tallinn to fill bottles. 80% of the alcohol sold in Tallinn in Estonia is Finnish.

Finnish vodka brands

Finlandia Vodka Finlandia
Finnish vodka. Finlandia was created in 1970. It is produced from 6 different kinds of barley. Vodka is very close to his rival Koskenkorva. The difference is that Finlandia is more fragrant and more sweet. There are different flavors of Finlandia Vodka: classic, lime, mango and cranberry.



Koskenkorva VodkaKoskenkorva
Koskenkorva is a Finnish alcoholic beverage close to the traditional vodka produced in the distillery in Ilmajoki and very popular in Finland. The Salmiakki Koskenkorva is also called Salmiakki Kossu. It is a mixture of vodka and ammonium chloride, and not like the taste of licorice might suggest that as between 30 and 40 degrees. The result is a sweet alcoholic drink that Finns as well as dry-ass lip.




Ström Vodka Ström
Ström is a premium vodka distilled by Shaman Spirits in Finland.