German Vodka

Between 2002 and 2013, vodka consumption in Germany was 2.5 times thanks to its 836 liquor manufacturers. Germany now also produced several vodkas, the most popular is the Gorbatschow vodka.
Vodka production in Germany
By 1 January 2018, the German distilleries operating in the framework of that Monopoly (about 132 million gals per year) should be restructured for the abolition of State aid and the monopoly itself.
In Germany in 2013, vodka consumption was multiplied by 2.5 to 8.2 million cases. It is now the leading spirits consumed in Germany, far ahead of brandies which have declined sharply over the same period.

German vodka brands

Bavarka vodka• Bavarka 43°
Bavarka vodka is a Bavarian vodka produced in Hausham. This vodka is made of potatoes and pure water. Its ingredients and a 7 times distillation ensure a high-quality product.







Adler Berlin Wodka• Berlin Adler Wodka 42°
This herbal vodka is a tradition of vodka made in Berlin since 2009 from natural ingredients.







Bismarck vodka• Bismarck Vodka
Bismarck Vodka is distilled in Reinbek in Germany according to a formula provided by Tsar Alexander II in 1860 Otto Von Bismarcken.





Black Moth Truffle vodka• Black Moth Truffle Vodka 40°
The Black Moth Truffle Vodka is a truffles infused vodka. This vodka is made of grains, distilled 5 times and filtered 3 times.







Fuckoff vodka• Fuckoff
Fuckoff Pure Vodka is distilled in Germany by Krugmann and distributed by Manhattan Spirits since 2008. Its goal is not to compete with the big brands but to share a mindset with vodka consumers. Fuckoff revolutionizes the world of vodka with a unique manufacturing process. Vodka is distilled countless times and exposed for 24 hours at a ” fuckoff ” extreme noise with the sole intention of ” fuckoff ” impurities.
The fuckoff vodka can be enjoyed alone or in cocktails.





Gorbatschow vodka• Gorbatschow
Vodka made since 1921 in Berlin. 37.5 ° .There are 5 different types of vodka Gorbatschow.





Hot Feeling Penis vodka• Hot Feeling Penis-Chili Vodka
This vodka is made according to the ancient traditional Russian recipe by Meisner Gmbh & Co.





Lions vodka• Lions Vodka 42°
The Lions vodka is manufactured in Munich. Corn, wheat, rye, barley and spelled, all from organic farming are included in vodka lion.





Magic Crystal vodka• Magic Crystal 37.5 ° – 40 °
The Magic Crystal Vodka is produced since 1991 in Hamburg, Germany by Magic Spirit which also produces the Black Magic Vodka. It represents the highest possible level in the vodka distillation. Crystal Vodka is distilled multiple times.






Monaco vodka• Monaco 40°
German Monaco vodka is crafted in the center of Munich. This vodka is carefully prepared with wheat and hops.





Puschkin vodka• Puschkin
The Pushkin Vodka is a vodka brand of the German group Berentzen spirits. It is named after the Russian poet Alexander Pushkin. It is also the second German mark after Gorbachev.





Sash & Fritz vodka

• Sash & Fritz
Sash & Fritz Vodka is a high-quality vodka made of from German wheat and pure water. This vodka is distilled five times and filtered five times and this is what gives it a special taste and high quality.





Three Sixty vodka• Three Sixty 37,5°

This premium quality vodka is made of pure wheat from Germany. The Three Sixty has

no allergens, is gluten free, vegan and is only 220 kcal / 100 ml.






Vallure vodka• Vallure
Vallure Vodka, produced in Berlin is located in the market of luxury vodkas. Vallure Vodka is a former supplier of Csar St. Petersburg, Russia. This premium vodka is offered in a gold-plated bottle 24K!






Other vodka brands (non-exhaustive list)