The Icelandic Vodka

It produces several vodkas in Iceland, and quality. The vodka brand, the most famous of Iceland Reyka Vodka, received the trophy of vodka at the International Wine and Spirits Competition in London.

Icelandic alcohol market

You will not find a bottle of alcohol in Iceland supermarkets. Like the United States, Iceland has experienced a period of alcohol prohibition. Indeed, Icelanders have voted to ban the sale of alcohol in 1908 and the Act came into force in 1915. The ban was lifted in 1921, and spirits were again allowed in 1935, following a referendum .

The “Iceland Naturally” marketing organization will receive $ 1 million per year until 2016 to promote Iceland and Icelandic manufacturing products and services on the North American market. Among the companies participating in the project are Icelandair, Blue Lagoon, Reyka Vodka, Landsvirkjun.

Icelandic vodka brands

Katla VodkaKatla
The Katla vodka, produced by Icelandic Reykjavik Distillery, won a Red Dot Award in 2013 for the design of the bottle and the label.







Reyka VodkaReyka
First Finnish vodka, Reyka is manufactured with the ice water from natural sources and distilled geothermal.





Siku VodkaSiku
The Siku Vodka is made from the 60,000 years old water from the Qalerallit Sermiad glacier in Greenland. It’s a luxury vodka and the water of the glacier is the purest in the world. It’s also important to notice that this vodka is gluten free !