Swedish Vodka

Sweden has one of the most restrictive laws on alcohol, almost all alcoholic beverages, including wines, are sold to individuals by ‘Systembolaget’, the monopoly of state-owned shops. According to the Swedish Law on alcohol (Magen Alkohol 1994: 738), it is forbidden to advertise on spirits, wine or beer on television and radio and in the press over 2.25% of alcohol except on points of sale, in professional journals or the foreign press.

Swedish alcohol market

The willingness of the government to regulate the exuberance of Swedish people on drink dates back to the last century. When someone goes as a tourist in Sweden, it is surprising that normal supermarkets offer only beer indicating 3.5 ° maximum called Lättöl. Remember that to obtain more spirits or simply a good bottle of wine, you need to go to a ‘Systembolaget’, a liquor store controlled by the state. Like their Norwegian counterparts, the “Vinmonopolet” these stores are generally open from 10 to 18 pm on weekdays and only until 13 pm on Saturday.

The Swedish alcohol policy dates back to the 19th century. The poor from all over Europe flocked to Sweden and then drowned their despair in water spirits and other spirits. A sober movement then was born in reaction to the excessive alcohol consumption. In the early 20th century, 350 000 members strong, he demanded a total prohibition of alcohol in the kingdom of Sweden. The doctor and city councilor Ivan Bratt Stockholm then elaborated a compromise aimed, as is the current system, avoiding any hint of private benefits by placing the sale of alcohol under the control of the state. The Bratt system, named in his honor, also provided a rationing booklet called “motbok” essentially reserved to men and single women aged at least 25 years. You had to provide many personal details to get it.

At the end of the second world war in a hostile climate to any kind of rationing, the Bratt System was abolished. The Swedish government, however, wanted to continue to limit the consumption of alcohol and decided to do this to apply high taxes to alcoholic beverages. The accession of Sweden to the EU in 1995 also had considerable consequences in terms of alcohol. In fact, the principle of free exchange of goods implies freedom to import, export, sale and production. This trend has not changed the missionary vocation of the State (or perhaps it has just reinforced). The website of “Systemet” commonly so-called liquor stores regulated by the state, provides detailed information on the risks of alcohol consumption. This is not a bad thing.

Swedish vodka brands

Absolut vodkaAbsolut
Absolut Vodka is a Swedish vodka brand owned by Pernod Ricard. Absolut Vodka is among the top ten international vodka brands, selling one hundred million liters in 2008.
Absolut saga

In 1879, Lars Olsson Smith distiller control a third of the vodka market in Sweden. It creates an Absolut vodka he named bränvin rent, which means: perfectly pure water spirits. In 1906, his son created the distillery Ahus which provides for the entire production of Absolut Vodka.

In 1979, the Swedish vodka Absolut is imported into the US market. In 2000, Absolut Vodka is fourth spirits seller in the world, in all categories, and number two vodka by volume. The advertising campaign for Absolut Vodka from 1981 to 2007 is ranked among the top ten advertising operations of the twentieth century.

45 million liters are exported annually in the United States, nearly 50% of its total production. Absolut vodka is marketed to in hundred and twenty six countries, mostly in North America, where it is the first premium vodka brand.
Camitz vodkaCamitz
Sparkling Vodka is manufactured in Sweden. 40 °. The Camitz brand fits his bottles a champagne cork . This vodka is continuously distilled 5 times before its carbonation.






Purity Vodka is produced in Sweden. This vodka is distilled 34 times.Purity vodka






The Svedka vodka is made from wheat and distilled five times in a process of more than four hours. This continuous Svedka vodkadistillation process ensure that all ingredients are constantly moving.

Made in the distillery of Linköping, a small town on the shores of Lake Vänern in Sweden, this high quality vodka is well exported to USA and other countries.





Svensk vodkaSvensk
Svensk vodka is marketed since 1996.






Virtuous vodkaVirtuous
The Virtuous vodka is produced in Sweden.